Welcome to my Digital Portfolio!

My research work generates insights to problems regarding transport of microscale objects in fluids. The microscale objects, which encompass solid particles, droplets, bubbles, cells, bacteria and more, serve important roles in a wide range of industries, products as well as emerging technologies. Experimental, computational and theoretical tools are used to investigate those problems.

Some specific examples of the projects that we carried out are shown below. For more detailed information, please refer to the research section or contact me.

  • Monodisperse microparticles production at high throughput.
  • Effect of a shear flow on the fragmentation of megakaryocytes cells into platelets, inside a microfluidic device.
  • Microparticles removal from surfaces in single and multiphase flows
  • Hydrodynamics of elliposoidal microparticles in the vicinity of a wall

The main core of our research is microfluidics with an orientation towards bioengineering field.